Specialist Endodontist

Associate Professor Dr Ralph Reid is our specialist Endodontist who performs all root canal treatment procedures. To become an Endodontist a dentist must study an additional three years of training at University. On top of this training Dr Ralph has over 30 years experience making him one of the best in his field. To learn more about Dr Ralph click here.

Why see an Endodontist?

Once your tooth needs a root canal treatment it is essentially the last dental treatment that is possible before the tooth needs to be removed. Root canal treatments do not last forever and so to ensure that you have had the best job done it is best to see an Endodontist to have a specialist root canal treatment as their skill and expertise will be unmatched.

How will you benefit?

Most dentists do root canal treatments in several visits. Dr Ralph performs all root canal treatments in a single visit with minimal discomfort. The instruments used are used once only unlike most dentists who reuse 'files' due to their expensive nature. Knowing that you have had specialist root canal treatment means you can rest assured that you will have had the best job done.

Specialist root treatment costs

When you see a specialist the general costs range from $1900 for Anterior teeth, $2300 for Premolar teeth and $2800 for Molar teeth. Dr Ralph provides very competitive pricing for our patients ensuring that they save around 10-15% off the industry average.


How much does a root canal cost?

Root canal treatment costs vary by who you see and where you see them. Prices can range from $600 up towards $3500 depending on the individual tooth case. We can give you a free quote if you have had an x-ray taken.


Signs/Symptoms that require treatment

Swelling, prolonged pain, throbbing pain, constant aches, pain to hot or cold for minutes to hours are all signs that a root canal treatment may be needed.


Are root canals always successful?

No they are not and that is why dentists often refer patients to specialists to ensure the best job is done.


Root canal retreatment

If a root canal treatment has failed it can be redone and most specialists do this procedure to ensure the best outcome.


Root canal during pregnancy

If you have a dental infection you should not let it progress. It is safe and recommend to complete root canal treatment as soon as it is indicated to prevent any further harm to your body.


Alternatives to root canal treatment

The alternative to root canal treatment is having the tooth removed and replaced with a denture, dental bridge, or dental implant if they are suitable. These alternatives should always be discussed but always remember that no replacement tooth will feel exactly like a natural tooth.

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