Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Nobody likes having missing teeth. It affects confidence, chewing ability and can cause teeth to shift, tilt and decay. At Swish Dental we provide all the dental treatment options to replace your missing teeth to avoid all the potential unwanted side effects of spaces.


Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

a) Avoids problems (chewing forces may shift causing front teeth to flare out creating unwanted spaces, altered bite can cause the collapse of facial features, premature aging, prevents tooth drifting and food packing, unstable bite) b) Restores smile (appearance and confidence) c) Restores function (chewing ability) d) Back teeth protect front teeth when the jaw closes (back teeth stop and guide teeth into correct seating position)

Treatment for Missing Teeth

At Swish Dental, we can provide the following types of treatment to replace missing teeth:

Please find a summary of the available options right below.

Your Options

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the no 1 recommended option for replacing missing teeth. They do not damage adjacent teeth, they preserve the bone and are the longest lasting option. Learn about dental implants here.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth. There are several types of bridges available so our dentists will advise you which one best suits you. Some bridges involve trimming adjacent teeth to the missing space. Learn about dental bridges here.


Dentures are false teeth that have to be removed on a daily basis. They can be used to maintain a space whilst waiting to have a dental implant or dental bridge done. Learn about dentures here.

Book now to find out how to replace your missing teeth. If you are undecided, have a dental splint/denture made to stop the teeth from shifting