Smile Makeovers


Smile makeovers are suitable for everyone who wants to improve their smile. Careful planning and a detailed consultation is required to achieve your desired perfect smile. Each smile makeover is tailored to suit each patient. Treatment may be as simple as teeth whitening and dental bonding or may involve a full makeover of the front teeth using dental veneers or dental crowns. Due to technological advancement smile makeovers can be achieved without damaging healthy teeth.

A relaxed initial consultation

An consultation is required to give both the dentist and patient an opportunity to talk in a relaxed environment and then decide on what exactly you would like to achieve. A thorough dental examination and dental x-rays are required to assess your options. Once your options are openly discussed we will provide you with a treatment plan outlining the number of visits, costs and time required.

Wax-up and trial smile.

Initial impressions of your teeth can be taken and a highly trained ceramist will produce a wax-up of the desired final result of the smile on a model. From this model we can take a silicone impression to then fit a ‘trial smile’, which can be made in minutes and taken off immediately.

Preparations and temporaries.

Teeth that require restoring with either crowns/veneers/bridges are prepared and then detailed impressions are recorded. Before you leave we will fit beautiful temporary restorations.

Review Temporaries.

A few days after we will ask you to come in again to ensure that you are happy with the shade, size and feel of the temporary restorations. This is an opportunity for both the dentist and patient to make any last minute changes before the ceramist creates the final restorations.

Fitting the final restorations.

All the temporaries are removed and the final beautiful restorations are fitted. You will be walking out from this appointment with your new beautiful smile!

The team at Swish Dental did a lovely job recreating my smile, helping me regain much needed confidence. Thank you!

Mrs G. W.

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