Tooth Extraction Brisbane

Dental pain and accidents can take us by surprise. If you are suffering from a dental emergency, you need to seek professional help as quickly as possible. That is why here at Swish Dental, Everton Park, we offer emergency dental treatment to everyone – even those who are not registered with us!

Tooth Extractions Brisbane

There are a lot of reasons why you may be looking for an emergency dentist. These may include having jaw pain, tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, mild to severe toothache and so on. Sometime having a tooth extraction is the only option. Call Swish Dental and one of our dentists will see you to see if having the tooth removed is the right option.

Tooth removal technique

Our dentists in Everton Park use proven techniques to remove your tooth as comfortable as possible. This starts off with a high strength gel that is placed on your gums to numb them up before local anaesthetic is applied.

Toothache Advice

If you are experiencing a toothache that is getting worse you should call us immediately to see one of our emergency dentists. They can then give you the appropriate pain relief options.

Broken teeth

If you have a broken tooth that is not causing pain, you may not need to have the tooth extracted. We will assess your tooth and decide what the best course of action and give you your options before embarking on a decision. – created by us

Our dedicated emergency dentists have created the world class website to help patients all around the world get a bit more information on potential emergency dental conditions that require attention. You may find this site useful. Call Swish Dental on 07 3355 1422 so we can diagnose your dental condition and help get you out of pain.

If you have an urgent dental problem, please call us and our team will try to assist you immediately