At Swish Dental we encourage preventative fluoride treatments for patients as it: a) Reduces the risk of tooth decay & tooth loss significantly b) Reduces tooth sensitivity & strengthens tooth enamel and c) Reduces the risk of further dental treatment

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How can fluoride help you?

Once we have seen you for a dental examination we will determine how likely you are at developing tooth decay. We will then advise you on what type of fluoride application is best for you.

Fluoride Trays

For patients who at a high risk of tooth decay fluoride trays may be made. This ensures a high fluoride dose regularly at home to ensure the teeth are constantly getting the maximum preventative effects from fluoride.

Fluoride toothpaste

Colgate makes a high strength fluoride toothpaste called Neutrafluor 5000. We may prescribe this to you to use instead of your normal toothpaste. This has the highest amount of fluoride in any toothpaste.

Fluoride Foam

Fluoride foam is applied to your teeth at your 6 monthly checkups to help strengthen the teeth.