Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) | Swish Dental

At Swish Dental, our Brisbane dentists are proud to be offering childrens dental services under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

The CDBS is a Medicare initiative to improve the oral health of children. It provides $1000 of free dental treatment to eligible children at no cost if they need it. Not all children are eligible so call us if you want us to check if your children are eligible for this great kids dental scheme.

To learn more about the Childrens Dental Benefits Schedule you can call us or visit the Medicare website.

FAQs on the Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Is my child eligible?

Yes if your family is receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A or receiving other relevant government payments. Children must be ages between 2-17 years (inclusive). Call Swish Dental and we can check if your child is eligible.

What child dental services are covered?

All routine dental treatments are covered including preventative child dental treatments such as fissure sealants, x-rays, dental check-ups and so on.

Will I have to pay any expenses?

No, all treatment is bulk billed on the day so there is no cost for any work your child has done under the CDBS scheme. This means no out of pocket expenses or hassles claiming money back.

What if my child is turning 2 or 18 sometime during the year?

Under the rules your child will still be eligible as long as they aged 2 or 17 at any point that calender year.

How to claim benefits under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

Simply provide you Medicare card number and we will do the rest for you once your child has had eligible dental services completed. Normally claims are submitted on the day your child has had dental services provided.