Swish Dental has a special interest in helping nervous patients get the dental treatment they need with dental sedation. There are many forms of dental sedation and most patients we see can often have oral inhalation sedation to help calm the nerves. We also can provide you with the options of IV Sedation if you are extremely nervous and need lots of dental work done. At Swish Dental we always recommend having a consultation first to make a plan that best suits individual needs.

Intravenous (IV) sedation for patients in Brisbane is advised for patients who are extremely nervous. We have an external doctor who comes in to provide this service to our patients. Is is extremely safe and effective so you do not remember the dental procedures done. It will feel like you are asleep.

If you are extremely nervous and would like IV sedation at our Brisbane Dental practices then please let us know and we will first do an examination and xrays to make a tailored plan with you.

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What is dental sedation?

Dental sedation is the use of medication to help patients relax if they have a dental fear or phobia. It is often referred to sleep dentistry but this is not entirely accurate. Patients are often awake but feel a lot more relaxed.

Do I need dental sedation?

Once the dentist has had a consultation with you they will make a plan with you which may or may not involve dental sedation. A lot of nervous patients often find that they just need to have a clean done and simple fillings. If dental sedation is needed another visit will be arranged.

After dental sedation

After dental sedation you will need to be accompanied home and rest for a day or two before resuming normal activities.
Is dental sedation safe?

Is it safe?

Yes the procedure we offer is completely safe. Occasionally some patients experience some side effects like nausea.

Does dental sedation always work?

Does it always work?

It is very rare for dental sedation not to work. It all depends on the type of sedation you are having and who is administering it.

Can I avoid dental sedation?

Can I avoid it?

Yes we always encourage patients to avoid it where possible as if we can overcome your dental fear then you will not need sedation again. However if you have sedation you often do not remember the procedure so you may be reliant on it in the future.

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