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Dental Anxiety

Are You Nervous About Your Dentist Appointment?

At Swish Dental our goal is to determine the causes of your dental anxiety and take the appropriate steps to reduce and in most cases eliminate all your dental anxiety. We have done this for hundreds of patients. The dentists at Swish Dental have a special interest in nervous dental patient care. The dentists understand the dental fears that patients can develop resulting in dental phobia and have the ultimate goal to make your dental visits as comfortable as possible using the latest technology to get your dental treatment done as quickly as possible with minimal discomfort.

Interested to find out more about our IV Sedation Dentistry in Brisbane (Sleep Dentistry) service and how we can help patients cope with anxiety issues during dental procedures?

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Overcoming dental anxiety

The majority of dental procedures are not painful yet we understand that just being examined can make people feel stressed. 10-15% of patients avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Eventually there becomes a time where the anxiety or fear has to be tackled to look after your oral health. At Swish Dental we will do the best we can to help you achieve that.

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Sedation Dentistry: Your solution to dental anxiety

Nobody looks forward to seeing a dentist. For many people, a visit to the dentist may stir up some kind of anxiety. For some, however, that fear is strong enough to prevent them from seeking treatment – no matter how badly they may require professional attention. This type of heightened dental fear may be defined as dental phobia.

According to research findings published in the Australian Dental Journal, a sixth of all Australian adults, and a tenth of children, suffer from dental phobia. It is even more prevalent for middle-aged women – as high as one in every three. All in all, dental phobia affects about 5% of the Australian population.1 These statistics point to a greater need for dental clinics to provide active care and attention to nervous patients.

Swish Dental is a proud proponent of Active Care for Patients with Dental Anxiety

Whether you are suffering from dental phobia or simply looking for more comfortable treatments, Swish Dental offers Sedation Dentistry – in conjunction with a range of minimally invasive procedures – to make your dental experience more relaxing than ever.

At Swish Dental, you can find assurance in the expert hands of the dental professionals. Backed by years of experience and training in treating nervous patients – meeting their needs across a variety of anxiety issues – the dentists can help put your dental fears away so you won’t have to put off treatments or compromise your dental health anymore.

The dentists use safe and clinically tested methods to administer the sedation process within a comfortable environment. Sedation Dentistry puts your mind at ease so that you do not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

In most cases, the treatment will be over before you even realise it. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy a comfortable experience and look forward to the beautiful results!

The Sedation Dentistry (sleep dentistry) services cater to anxious patients of all ages. The gentle, minimally invasive treatments can be tailored to your individual needs – and those of everyone else in the family!

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Fear of Dentists?

Many patients have a fear of dentists due to a bad experience, pain during a previous dental treatment or even from second-hand accounts! The dentists will do their best to help you overcome your fear to ensure your oral health does not suffer.

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What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is the use of medicine to help calm your body down to make dental treatment in nervous patients more comfortable. At Swish Dental we offer oral sedation to help patients feel comfortable.

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What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is an affordable and non-invasive method of inducing moderate to heavy sedation for most patients. It provides a comfortable and safe treatment process to help dental patients cope with their anxiety issues.The sedation protocol typically begins about an hour before the procedure, where the dentist would either prescribe a pill or liquid to be taken orally. While the medication will make you feel relaxed and drowsy, you would still remain conscious throughout the procedure. You would be able to follow simple instructions and cooperate with the dentist. However, most patients will not be able to recall the procedure afterwards.

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What should I do before and after Oral Sedation?

Professionally administered sleep-inducing oral medications are more potent as compared to over-the-counter (OTC) sedatives such as sleeping pills. Given their potency and ability to induce a significant level of amnesia, you would be advised to bring along a responsible adult on the day of the dental appointment. After the procedure, you will need to rest and recover from the amnesic effects. In the hours before sedation completely wears off, you are not permitted to operate machinery or drive.

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What are the benefits of Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation dentistry not only provides a pain-free experience for nervous patients, it can also help restless patients cope with time-consuming procedures. Oral sedation is beneficial for extensive reconstructive procedures – for example, a complete smile makeover – by helping to reduce the number of dental visits. Lengthy treatments that previously required multiple visits can now be carried out in a single session without any discomfort to the patient.Another benefit of orally administered sedation is that it allows the patient to maintain normal body control and breath on his own – no need to wear face masks connected to breathing machines.Patients under the influence of orally administered sedation would feel relaxed in a “sleep-like” state, still able to communicate and respond to simple requests. Oral sedation has helped many patients correct dental problems accumulated over the years, due to their acute dental anxiety. It is generally preferred as an inexpensive and non-invasive option for patients of all ages. This type of sedation is also preferred for patients who are afraid of needles and children that are fearful of undergoing a routine dental procedure.

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Dentists for Dental Anxiety at Swish Dental

All the dentists are very gentle and can offer options to provide sedation to make your visit more comfortable.

Dr Nik is a expert in nervous dental patient management. He often is able to get patients to reduce/eliminate their dental phobia and treat them without any dental sedation.

It is a great pleasure for Dr Nik to see patients dental anxiety overcome and keep them returning for 6 monthly dental maintenance visits.

If you would like to see Dr Nik he works at Everton Park on Mondays and Thursdays and Mitchelton on Saturdays.

Once a treatment plan is made your procedures will be completed quickly, efficiently and pain-free using the best materials and technology within 1-2 visits.

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