Information on root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (endodontics) can save a tooth that's been infected by bacteria or badly damaged, so it doesn't need to be extracted.

You may need root canal therapy if you have a severe toothache or your tooth feels sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks. At Swish Dental, root canal treatments are performed by Dr Mo who has a Masters in Endodontics. He comes to our practice to perform only root canal treatments.

We'll give you all the information you need about root canal treatments when you book an appointment at our clinics in Everton Park or Mitchelton. After performing your root canal, we'll restore your tooth to its original strength and appearance with a custom crown.

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Do I need root canal treatment?

If you have tooth pain, sensitive teeth, swollen gums or other unusual symptoms, the dentists in Brisbane will give you a complete oral health assessment to try to identify the cause. This may include dental x-rays to give us a more detailed look at your teeth and determine if you're suitable for root canal treatment.

You may need a root canal if the centre of your tooth (the pulp) has become infected or damaged as a result of tooth decay, tooth wear or an injury. If you don't treat an infected tooth root in time, the tooth may become too badly damaged to save and the infection could spread to the surrounding teeth.

If a tooth is already too severely damaged to repair, we may have to recommend tooth extraction and replacement.

What does root canal treatment involve?

If you decide root canal treatment is right for you, the Dentists at Swish will develop your personalised treatment plan. This treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, or we can offer other sedation options.

Root canal treatment has 4 stages:

Removing root canal infection

Removing the infection

After giving you a local anaesthetic or other sedative to numb the pain and help you relax, we'll access the infected pulp using a dental drill. We'll carefully remove all infected tissues, taking care to preserve as much of the healthy tooth as possible.

Preparing the canals

Preparing the canals

Once the infected or damaged tissues have been removed, we'll thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canals inside your teeth. We use sterilised instruments to make sure no bacteria is left behind.

Filling the canals

Filling the canals

When the root canals have been cleared of bacteria and debris, we'll insert a synthetic rubber-like material into the space. This will fill the root canals to support your healthy tooth and seal it against further infections.

Restoring your tooth

Restoring your tooth

Finally, we'll seal your tooth and restore its shape and appearance using a crown. We'll take an impression (mould) of your tooth and fit a temporary crown until your next appointment, when we can fit your permanent crown.

Root canal diagram
Root canal x ray
Root canal x ray

Is a root canal painful?

It's a common misconception that getting a root canal treatment is painful. In fact, this treatment removes the infected nerve of your tooth which takes away the pain and discomfort. After a root canal, your treated tooth will no longer have the same sensitivity to pressure or temperature.

What are the risks?

We'll take steps to prevent infection during your treatment and Dr Mo has a very high success rate with root canal patients. However, we'll still tell you about the possible risks and side-effects before you agree to the treatment.

If your gum or face becomes swollen after your treatment, this can usually be managed with over-the-counter medication. We recommend that you avoid eating overly hard, crunchy or sticky foods while your temporary crown is in place, as this could cause it to become damaged or dislodged.

If the treated tooth becomes infected again, we may be able to perform another root canal treatment or it may need to be extracted. We recommend that you visit us every 6 months for a comprehensive oral health assessment so we can check that your teeth and gums are healthy.

What does a root canal cost?

We can give you a quote for root canal treatment after we've examined your mouth and developed your treatment plan. This also includes the cost of a custom crown to seal your tooth.

We can also discuss insurance claims and the payment plans we offer to help make the root canal cost more affordable.

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Costs for Root Canal Treatment in Brisbane

Item number Procedure Cost From
415 Root canal preparation - one canal $260
416 Root canal preparation - each additional canal $130
417 Root canal obturation - one canal $260
418 Root canal obturation - each additional canal $130

Every tooth is different and needs to be seen and x-rayed to have an accurate quote. Teeth have different numbers of canals that need to be treated. Generally front teeth (incisors and canines have one canal), Premolar (one to two canals), Molars (3-5 canals)

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