Childrens Dentistry

Our dedicated childrens dentists in Everton Park, Brisbane believe it is vitally important for children to establish good oral care habits from the earliest age possible and to be fully relaxed at the dentist. This in turn ensures a positive experience, leading to good oral health throughout life.

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Dedicated To Childrens Dental

The Swish Family Dental team has created a dedicated website for parents to educate their children on dental care - To help maintain a healthy mouth and smile and prevent dental infections, we recommend childrens dental visits every six months from when their first teeth erupt. 'Baby' teeth are particularly susceptible to decay, so our dedicated kids dentist will place as much emphasis on diet as they do on oral hygiene.

Childrens Dental Treatments

Oral hygiene & dietry instruction

We actively engage with children to encourage good cleaning techniques and habits to remove harmful bacteria that cause dental diseases. Our dentists also run through your childs' diet to provide any preventative advice to minimise the risk of developing tooth decay.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are protective coatings that are placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. They release fluoride into the teeth and provide a strong barrier to reduce the risk of tooth decay. We recommend all children have these done on their back teeth to provide extra protection.

Orthodontic assessments

Every time your child comes to Swish Dental for their routine dental check-up our dentists will assess their teeth position and advise you of whether they need to see an orthodontist or have orthodontic treatment. Timing is very important to adjust any irregularities.

Mouth guards

If your child plays sports it is very important to get a mouth guard made to help prevent damage to their teeth and gums. If your childs teeth are still growing they may need a new one each year to ensure a good fit. Call Swish Dental to get your child a custom mouth guard now.

Preventative & minimally invasive

We have the ultimate goal of preventing tooth decay and fixing any dental problems in the most minimally invasive way possible. We use the highest quality materials and latest technology to ensure your childs' dental visits are comfortable, quick and treatment is long lasting.

Fluoride applications

It is well known in the dental profession that patients who have less fluoride exposure to others have more tooth decay ('holes'). Regular fluoride application at home and at the dentist helps make teeth stronger, which in turn helps prevent tooth decay.

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme is a government scheme that allows eligible children to have free dental treatment to the value of $1000 over a 2 year period. Restrictions do apply. To see if your children are covered under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule contact Swish Dental now.

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