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Medibank Members’ Choice Dentist Brisbane

Swish Dental Mitchelton

Medibank Members’ Choice Dentist Brisbane

Swish Dental Mitchelton is proud to be a Medibank Members’ Choice Advantage Dentist. More importantly, our partnership with the Australia-based private health insurer was forged with you in mind.

Medibank is Australia's largest health insurance provider with 3.8 million members. By teaming up with this major health fund, we are saying ‘yes’ to Medibank members (with dental extras) who visit us:

  • ‘Yes’ to 100% back on two dental check ups  and cleans a year (if you are a Medibank member with extras cover for more than two months).
  • ‘Yes’ to reaping the full benefits of your Medibank membership based on your level of cover – ranging from Basic Dental services (such as Oral Exams,
  • Preventative treatments, X-rays and Regular Fillings) to Major Dental treatments (such as Root Canal, Crown & Bridge restorations, Dentures, Major Restorative Fillings).
  • ‘Yes’ to fast, efficient, fuss-free claims at our two clinics in Everton Park and Mitchelton.
  • ‘Yes’ to easy and affordable access to great dental care at Swish Dental!

Access your benefits here…

At Swish Dental, you have many reasons to smile if you’re a Medibank member (with dental extras). To recap, here is the low-down on the benefits you get – and why you shouldn’t miss out:

100% back on two dental check ups and cleans annually

A comprehensive dental check is imperative for making sure that your teeth and gums are kept in tip-top condition. Although integral to your home oral care maintenance, it is not enough to brush and floss regularly.

Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is a great way to make sure that your home cleaning routines are producing the desired effects. That can be achieved with a thorough oral exam, using dental diagnostic techniques and instruments. You should also follow it up with professionally administered cleaning.

Medibank members with extras cover for more than two months can receive 100% back on two annual dental check-ups and cleans at Swish Dental (includes two x-rays). This will make it lighter on your wallet while giving you more reasons to get your teeth regularly checked.

Medibank members also have exclusive offers to whitening rebates (which most health funds do not cover). Depending on your level of cover Medibank can cover upto 50% of the cost of teeth whitening.

100% back on a mouth guard every year!

Fast, efficient, fuss-free claims

At Swish Dental, we not only want to lower your out-of-pocket expenses, it is important that you get excellent customer service when making your health fund claims. One of the ways we help to make your customer experience more pleasant is by helping you make insurance claims on the spot.

Instead of filling out paperwork or waiting for submitted claims to be approved, we can save you all that hassle by making an electronic claim right here at our reception desk. Just show up at the counter with your health fund membership card and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your Choice of Extras Cover

An outstanding benefit of belonging to Medibank Members’ Choice community is that you get the freedom to choose the level of Extras Cover. This can really help you to manage the size of your dental bills, depending on your individual needs and specific dental condition.

It’s simple. The better premium package you choose, the higher the percentage of claim-backs and the more types of treatments that are claimable (subject to agreed prices, up to annual limits).

The basic level of Extras Cover includes: Oral examinations; Preventative treatments; Scale and Clean; Extraction; Fillings; X-rays; Surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

With higher levels of Extras Cover, you are able to claim on more treatment services, which may or may not include: Endodontic Services; Periodontics; Crowns, Bridges and Dentures; Major restorative fillings.

Swish Dental and health funds

There are many reasons why people do not look after their teeth as well as they should. At Swish Dental, we do our utmost to ensure that affordability and access to great dental care is not one of them.

Having a great dental insurance plan is one of the smartest ways to ensure that your teeth are well taken care of – both now and into the future. That is why Swish Dental accepts all of the major health funds available in Australia. We want to broaden your palette of choices so that whichever health plan you belong to, we’ve got you covered.

Beyond that, we are constantly seeking mutual partnerships with major health fund providers. We want to help as many patients as possible minimise their out-of-pocket expenses while enjoying all the incentives that they are entitled do – all under one roof. Our mutual partnership with Medibank is a great example.

As a Medicare Members’ Choice Dentist, we get to provide Medibank members (with dental extras) the great dental care they deserve, knowing that they are reaping the full benefits of their health fund coverage every time they visit us.

Your smile is important to us at Swish Dental. We not only help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, we give you more reasons to use it.

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