Composite veneers are used to improve the colour, shape and size of teeth. They are non destructive to the teeth and treatment is performed in a single visit with no injections providing you with an immediate lift to your smile.

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Choose the veneer colour

Choose the veneer colour

Choosing the right colour is the most important stage. Your dentist will place a few different coloured veneers on your teeth so you can see a realistic version of what they look like. Once the colour has been chosen the procedure can be started.

The composite veneer is placed

The composite veneer is placed

The dentist will clean the surfaces of your teeth and apply the dental veneer onto the tooth. Once shaped our advanced technology will set the veneer in seconds so it is stuck to the tooth. The composite veneer is then polished.

Enjoy your smile

Enjoy your smile

Your composite dental veneer is 100% set so you can eat and drink straight away. We recommend not eating or drinking anything that can stain your teeth for the rest of the day.

What are the benefits?

They are non destructive (no tooth structure need to be removed), no injections are needed (pain-free!) and they are done in a single visit.

How long do they last?

Studies show the average lifetime to be 5-10 years depending on how well they are looked after. They can last longer but due to wear and tear they may need to be changed to match.

How do I look after them?

Regular brushing, flossing in between the teeth and annual polishing by the dentist to buffer the material is the best way to keep your new veneers shiny and well maintained.

What do Composite Veneers Cost?

Item number Procedure Cost From
526 Veneer front tooth $300
536 Veneer posterior tooth $300

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