At Swish Dental our goal is to prevent dental disease. That is why we make dental splints for patients who need them. On average we make around 2-4 a week for patients who do not already have one.

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Costs for Dental Splints

Item number Procedure Cost From
965 Occlusal splint $554

What is a dental splint?

Dental splints are are custom devices that sit on the top or bottom teeth to treat a variety of conditions and prevent dental problems. They are not mouthguards.

Who should have one?

Patients who have been assessed by us may be recommended one if they suffer from: tooth grinding, tooth clenching, jaw joint problems or tension headaches. They can also be used to prevent teeth from shifting after losing a missing tooth.

Whats involved?

An impression or mould of your top and bottom teeth are taken and sent to the dental laboratory. They will assess your bite and make a custom splint suited to your mouth and jaw movements. Usually in a week it will be ready for us to fit it in for you.
Dental splint over teeth
Dental splint

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