Our experienced dentists offer first-class hygiene services to ensure your gums and teeth are kept healthy and clean. Our team are highly trained and are very gentle and caring. They will clean any unhealthy gums and remove all bacterial build up and finally help formulate a custom oral hygiene plan to suit your busy lifestyle.

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Professional Dental Cleaning

Regular cleaning at home is often not enough to remove all the harmful bacteria underneath the gums and around the teeth which cause tooth decay and gum disease. Our dentists in Everton Park always recommend six monthly preventative cleaning to remove any harmful bacteria. Preventing dental disease is what we do best!


Our dentists work with you to establish the best home cleaning techniques and routine using dental accessories that suit your lifestyle. A professional dental cleaning routine will also be recommended based on your individual requirements.


Even if you are not a patient at Swish Dental, you can still directly make an appointment with one of our dentists. This is very popular with people who may be visiting the area temporarily and just feel like their teeth and gums need a good clean.


The latest in polishing techniques, uses a specially-formulated powder with high pressure air and water to help restore teeth to their natural colour, by removing external stains such as those caused by foods, wines, coffee and tea.

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