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Tooth Contouring

Not everyone is born with perfectly regular teeth. If any of your teeth seem bulky, too long or otherwise misshapen, this could affect your self-confidence or even lead to problems with eating, speech or oral health.

If you want to improve the size or shape of your teeth, a tooth contouring treatment could help. Dr Nik is the expert dentist at Swish Dental who offers tooth contouring in Brisbane in a single visit, with no injections needed and no pain afterwards.

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Is tooth contouring right for me?

If you only need minor correction, tooth contouring can often be a quick and affordable alternative to a more intensive treatment such as orthodontics, crowns or veneers.

During your consultation with the Brisbane dentists, we'll explain what the tooth contouring procedure involves and what the alternatives are, so you can make an informed decision about what's best for you.

If you want to make other changes to your smile, we can discuss additional treatments such as teeth whitening to achieve a complete smile makeover.

Is tooth contouring right for me?

What can tooth
contouring fix?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can address a variety of aesthetic concerns with teeth, including:

  • smoothing out minor chips or pits in enamel
  • straightening slightly crooked or uneven teeth
  • reducing bulky teeth
  • shortening teeth that are too long

The dentists will examine your teeth and let you know if you're a candidate for tooth contouring or if you could benefit from a different procedure.

Tooth contouring procedure

Tooth contouring in Brisbane with Swish Dental can usually be completed in a single visit. The dentists will gently remove some of the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) and we may also use bonding to even out the tooth surface and improve its shape and appearance.

After bonding, we will polish your tooth to leave a smooth and natural-looking finish. No injections are necessary for tooth contouring, as the procedure is pain free and comfortable using our specialised equipment.

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Tooth contouring before and after
(Case 1)

This patient chose tooth contouring as she was not happy with the shape of her canine (fang) teeth. Dr Nik carefully removed some of the enamel layer to improve the tooth's contour and then had some composite bonding to improve close the space. She also chose the teeth whitening procedure as she was not happy with the colour of her teeth.

Tooth contouring before and after
(Case 2)

This patient was not happy with the length of her top front middle teeth. In 15 minutes her smile was transformed with no injections and no pain. Only the outer enamel layer was removed which has not damaged the tooth. The patient wished she was offered this tooth contouring procedure years earlier.

Tooth contouring before and after
(Case 3)

This lovely patient asked if we could trim her very long front teeth. The procedure was completed with no anaesthetic in 20 minutes with an immediate improvement in the cosmetic dental appearance of her smile.

Tooth contouring before and after
(Case 4)

This patient wanted to see if braces or tooth contouring would be better. She opted for contouring due to the quick, painless and immediate result. No injections were needed for this procedure. Performed by Dr Nik.

Tooth contouring FAQ

No, our dentists only remove enamel conservatively to avoid any damage to the nerve.

Every patient's set of teeth are different. The cost of tooth contouring is fixed at $250 per tooth.

No, we apply a special gel after to prevent any sensitivity. You can even eat and drink immediately after the procedure.

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