At Swish Dental we have thousands of patients who come routinely every 6 months to have their teeth checked and for professional cleaning. Dental check ups are crucial to detecting tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear and cracks.

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What happens in a dental check up

About your check up

Dental check ups are used to assess your bite, to assess for signs of tooth wear (grinding/clenching/erosion), assess for tooth decay, assess your gums, assess for oral cancer and assess your existing dental work to see if it is still strong. Nothing lasts forever so routine checks are important.

Dental check up plan

Agree a plan

Once we have assessed your oral health we will make a recommendation for preventing dental disease, providing dental treatment where appropriate and create a maintenance plan. Our goal is to make a plan you are comfortable with to suit your lifestyle.

Dental check up plan

Execute the plan

Once a plan has been created we work out how many appointments you would like and should you need a lot of work done and want to go on an interest free payment plan the paperwork can be filled out on the day.

If you are due for a dental check up give us a call