Dental Bridges are one of the few ways to replace missing teeth, which can leave an unsightly gap. They are a fixed solution which allows you to restore the smile and chewing function. Before having a dental bridge you should decide if you want your teeth to be whitened so the dental bridge can be matched to the newly whitened teeth. All our high quality dental bridges are made In Australia.

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Are Dental Bridges right for you?

Dental bridges are great for replacing missing teeth but it is essential that you know all of your options before proceeding with a dental bridge. Alternative options include dentures and dental implants. We'd highly recommend to book in for a consultation with one of our highly trained dentists to give you all your options and their personal recommendation.

What are bridges made of?

Dental bridges are normally made of a ceramic material. Sometimes they can have a coating of metal fused under the ceramic or be made of just semi-precious metals. There are many types of dental bridge design and each case is different. Our dentists will advise you of your options to replacing your missing teeth.

How is the shade matched?

Our dentists in Everton Park have taken a special interest in shade taking and use the latest technologies in dentistry to ensure the best shade match is achieved every time. In more complex cases, we will bring our highly skilled dental ceramist to come into the surgery to confirm the shade match.

What is the clinical procedure?

After a thorough clinical examination and x-rays, we will very conservatively prepare the necessary teeth, take photographs and possibly have our expert ceramist attend this appointment to ensure the best shade match. After this first appointment a temporary bridge may be fitted, followed by the fitting of the final bridge a week later.

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