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Do you have crooked, gappy or misshapen teeth? If you need to have your teeth straightened or jaws aligned for either functional or cosmetic reasons, orthodontics may be the treatment for you.

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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves the correction of improperly positioned teeth. It is also used to control the shape and development of the jaw as well as manage aspects of facial growth (dentofacial orthopaedics). The main purpose of an orthodontic treatment is to bring teeth, jaws and lips into proper alignment, thereby improving the appearance, health and functionality of the patient’s teeth.

Contrary to popular misconception, the teeth straightening procedure is not only suitable for children but caters to people of all ages. You may choose from the wide range of orthodontic treatment options and appliances that Swish Dental provides.

Depending on your specific condition, the appliance of choice may include one of the following:

  • Metal braces (wires and brackets);
  • Metal-free braces;
  • Clear braces;
  • Space maintainers;
  • Removable retainers;
  • Splints;
  • Palatal expanders, etc.

Whatever your preference, our end goal is to help you achieve a straight, functional and beautiful smile that makes way for healthy tooth development.

What Type of Patients Needs Orthodontics?

Are your teeth sticking too far forward? Are there are gaps in your smile? There are many misalignment issues that call for the application of orthodontics. You may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment if you have one or more of the following problems:

What are dental implants?

Crowding: This occurs when there isn’t enough room on your upper or lower jaw to accommodate all the teeth.

Protruding front teeth: Teeth that protrude forward not only affects the facial appearance but are also more prone to injury from sports or sudden impact.

Crossbite: This occurs when a tooth (or teeth) has rotated in its position such that it is either closer to the cheek or to the tongue in relation to the corresponding tooth in the opposing jaw.

Spacing: The opposite of crowding where the teeth do not fill up the space on the jaw resulting in gaps and spaces between teeth.

Underbite: This occurs when the lower teeth or jaw protrudes forward and overlaps the upper teeth and jaw.

Overbite: The opposite of an Underbite where the upper teeth or jaw protrudes forward and overlaps the lower teeth and jaw.

Which Orthodontic system is right for you?

If you are not happy with the position of your teeth call us to book a consultation to find out what your options are. Knowing all your options and having a recommendation from the dentists who have a special interest in Orthodontics will give you the confidence you need to make your decision on which orthodontic treatment to go for.

Which Orthodontic system is right for you?

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Straightens teeth

From both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, it is important to have the upper and lower teeth meet in a biting position – also known as an occlusion – for an ideal alignment. A malocclusion, or bad bite, occurs when there is a variation from the normal position of teeth.

Using modern dental devices and advanced techniques, our orthodontic treatments are designed to slowly and gently move your misaligned teeth to their proper positions. When your teeth are back in the right order, it can significantly improve your bite and appearance of your smile.

Of course, having straightened teeth can also improve the shape and appearance of your face – not to mention, enhance your facial balance and profile.

What are dental implants?

Impacts speaking abilities

A severe malocclusion can hamper your speaking abilities. An overbite is the primary cause of a lisp. Gaps in your teeth can generate a whistling sound when you speak. Misaligned teeth can also affect the tongue-to-teeth contact that results in stuttering or slurred speech.

Using braces or aligners, our orthodontist can help to align your teeth and prevent any orthodontic-related speech difficulties from affecting your personal or professional relationships.

Improve chewing and biting

Without a properly functioning bite, you may find it uncomfortable or difficult to chew food into tiny morsels as required for smooth and effective digestion. For severe cases of malocclusion or misaligned jaw, patients may even be missing out on nutritional foods due to chewing or biting deficiencies.

Thankfully, a bite correction can significantly alter the way you chew and bite with increased comfort and efficiency. With your teeth and jaws in proper alignment, you don’t have to avoid certain types of foods and compromise your health.

The Type of Orthodontic Treatments Available


The most common type of braces used in orthodontics is the traditional metal brace that consists of wires, bands and brackets.

While the brackets are bonded to the tooth’s front surfaces, the bands are fastened around the tooth, serving as anchors for the appliance. Two thin metallic orthodontic wires (one for each arch of teeth) are attached to the brackets, providing a source of strength used in correcting irregularities in the position of the teeth.

This is a fixed type of appliance, designed to remain in the mouth 24/7 throughout the treatment process. Most orthodontic treatments involving regular braces are completed within 24 months, although some cases may take up to 3 years.


Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system that utilises 3D computer imaging technology to design and fabricate a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are ideal for individuals who prefer a more aesthetic and comfortable alternative to wearing traditional braces.

Unlike metal braces, clear plastic aligners are significantly less noticeable when worn on your teeth. Without drawing unnecessary attention to your mouth, they allow for a more discreet treatment process.

During treatment, the patient is asked to wear the removable aligner for most of the day, only removing them when eating or cleaning their teeth. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced with a new one in the series, until treatment is completed. Each aligner is individually created to exert just the right amount of force to gently move your teeth into their proper alignment.

Although Invisalign can help to correct a variety of misalignment issues, it is not recommended for every orthodontic problem. Depending on your specific condition, treatment durations may vary. The average duration of an Invisalign treatment is 12 months. Please consult our Dentists for more information and to find out the best options suitable for your individual case.

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Treatments at our practice

Swish Dental provides orthodontic solutions for patients wanting braces or aligners. Whether its to straighten your teeth, or get that beautiful smile sorted out, our on-site Dentists can provide tailored treatment to find a solution that suits your lifestyle and get the result you desire.

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Why Swish Dental for Orthodontics?

Every orthodontic patient is unique and should be treated as such. 

At Swish Dental, our team of dental professionals utilise modern procedures, technology and appliances to deliver the best possible treatment and dental care in a relaxing environment.

Acknowledging that the length of orthodontic treatments is longer than that of most dental procedures, we employ cutting edge techniques and technology to help you achieve fast, efficient and successful results – with your oral hygiene and comfort in mind.

At Swish Dental, we are fully equipped – and committed – to making your orthodontic experience as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

Swish Dental Orthodontic Payment Plans?

We can offer you a braces payment plan with $0 deposit starting from $45/week.

Swish Dental, your Brisbane Orthodontic Provider.

Which Orthodontic system is right for you?

Costs for Orthodontics in Brisbane

Item number Procedure Cost From
881 Full fixed ortho appliances upper & lower, includes retainers $6,000
851 Extraoral appliance eg Headgear $2,000
843 Expansion appliance $1,500
811 Retainer each $150

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