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Your First
Dental Visit

At Swish Dental, we know that first impressions count.

If it's your first visit to our Everton Park or Mitchelton clinic, our friendly staff will give you a warm welcome and make sure you have everything you need. We're always happy to answer any questions you have.

We've designed our Brisbane dental clinics to be comfortable and relaxing environments where you and your family can feel at home. We want your dental visits to be a positive experience so you'll always look forward to visiting us again!

About Swish Dental

What happens on my first dental visit?

Whether you're new in town or looking for a new dentist in Brisbane, we love to meet new people and welcome them to the Swish Dental family. When you arrive for your first appointment at our dental clinic in Everton Park or Mitchelton, we'll greet you and your family and invite you to take a seat in our comfortable waiting area.

To make sure your new dentist has all the information they need, we'll ask you to complete a medical history and dental concerns form. This includes any dental work or major medical treatments you've had in the past and any relevant health conditions or medication you're currently taking, which could affect your oral health and treatment plans. The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and won't be shared with any other party.

You can then relax with a drink of water or a magazine while we check your completed form. We may want to discuss certain points with you, and you're always free to ask us anything that's on your mind.

Your comprehensive oral health assessment

When it's time for your check-up, we'll escort you to the treatment room and help you settle in to the comfortable dental chair. You can talk to us about any concerns or possible symptoms you might have.

When you're ready, your dentist will start a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to check their condition and look for anything that could indicate a problem. They may also take dental x-rays or other images of your mouth to help with making a diagnosis.

If the dentist finds any problems, they'll explain their findings using simple language and show you detailed images of your mouth on a screen to help you get a clearer understanding.

They'll also discuss your oral hygiene routine and any improvements that could be made to your tooth brushing, flossing or diet to help your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible.

Cleaning and fluoride treatment

After your oral health assessment, your dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning to remove any plaque and calculus that may have built up since your last dental visit. You may feel minor discomfort as the plaque is removed. It is important to let your dentist know if you feel any pain or discomfort.

The dentist will then apply fluoride to your teeth at a safe concentration to help protect them against tooth decay. It's still important to maintain good oral hygiene to help keep dental plaque at bay.

Cleaning and fluoride treatment

Your personalised treatment plan

If your dentist finds possible evidence of tooth decay, gum disease or another oral health or orthodontic problem, they'll explain all the treatment options that could be suitable for you.

They'll give you all the information you need about what these treatments involve, how much they cost and any risks or side-effects, so you can make a decision you're happy with.

If you decide on a treatment, they can then draw up your personalised treatment plan. We'll then book an appointment for your treatment or a further consultation if the treatment is more complex. We know how precious your time is, and we'll always try to find a convenient time for your appointment that suits you.

Costs for your first visit

Here are the costs/fees for your first visit.

Item number Procedure Cost From
011 Comprehensive oral examination $65
022 Intraoral radiograph $40
022 Intraoral radiograph $40
114 Basic gum cleaning treatment $124
121 Fluoride application $35

  • Fixed price check-up of $190 if you do not have health insurance for check-up, clean, x-rays and fluoride treatment (Normal fee $395)
  • Kids under 12 fee is $90 if you do not have health insurance (Normal fee $395)
  • If you have health insurance with HCF, Medibank or BUPA your first visit is Gap Free. After this your 6 monthly check-ups and professional cleaning will most likely be covered 100% but we recommend checking with your health fund.
  • If with Medibank you are covered 100% every 6 months for checkups and cleans at our Mitchelton Clinic.
  • We are also preferred providers for many other health funds which means our patients get reduced fees and higher rebates

How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend that you visit the dentist for a check-up and clean appointment every 6 months. This gives your dentist the chance to spot possible signs of a problem at an early stage, when they're usually easier and cheaper to treat. We always aim to prevent irreversible damage by early intervention.

If you have an ongoing oral health or orthodontic issue, we may recommend more frequent visits to help us monitor your condition and manage your treatment.

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Call our Everton Park clinic on (07) 3355 1422 or our Mitchelton branch on (07) 3354 3341. You can also book an appointment online.

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