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Tooth Extraction

We'll always try to save a damaged tooth, but sometimes tooth extraction may be the best option to restore your oral health.

The dentists in Brisbane will only recommend tooth extraction if there's no option to repair a decayed or damaged tooth. We'll also discuss tooth replacement options to fill the gap and restore the look and function of your smile.

If you have a toothache, cavities or a dental injury, make at appointment with the dentists in Everton Park or Mitchelton today and we'll see you as soon as possible.

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Do I need a tooth extraction?

If one or more of your teeth have been damaged by tooth decay, gum disease or trauma, the dentists will explore options such as a root canal, filling or crown to repair the tooth and restore its former strength and appearance. However, if your tooth is too badly damaged to repair, we may have no option but to extract it.

We may also recommend extracting a tooth if it's causing crowding in your mouth. This may cause the surrounding teeth to become crooked, which can trap food and bacteria and make it harder to brush and floss.

Extractions may also be recommended before starting orthodontic treatment, or if you're replacing all of your teeth with full arch dentures or implants and you still have some teeth remaining.

What does tooth extraction involve?

When you make an appointment at Swish Dental, we'll examine your mouth and take x-rays to help us see the extent of the damage to your teeth and whether they can be repaired or need to be extracted.

If extraction is necessary, we'll make sure you feel comfortable and give you a local anaesthetic so you won't feel any pain. If you need a little help to relax, we can discuss other dental sedation options, although this may affect your recovery time.

In most cases, we can pull a tooth simply by loosening it and removing it. However, teeth that are more firmly embedded or broken may require an incision in your gum so we can extract them in pieces. We'll take precautions to avoid infection during oral surgery and will arrange an appointment 1 week later for your stitches to be removed.

After a tooth has been removed, we'll apply pressure to the site to control the bleeding and give you advice about how to care for your mouth while it heals.

Do you remove wisdom teeth?

Yes. If a wisdom tooth is causing a problem, or you want to avoid the possibility of wisdom tooth pain in the future, we also offer wisdom teeth removal in Brisbane.

Wisdom teeth extraction can sometimes be a more complex procedure than general extraction, especially if the wisdom tooth is impacted (stuck) in your gum.

How can I replace a missing tooth?

A missing tooth can affect your appearance and your ability to eat and speak normally. Without support, the teeth on each side of the gap may also start to shift and could become crooked. That's why we always recommend replacing missing adult teeth to help restore your smile and maintain your oral health.

We can discuss tooth replacement options before your extraction, such as a dental implant, bridge or denture. We'll explain the pros and cons of each treatment so you can decide which one is most suitable for you.

What are the risks?

You should rest and avoid hard or crunchy foods on the day of your treatment. It's still important to brush and floss your teeth, but you should brush gently around the treated site while it's still sensitive.

You may experience pain or swelling for a few days after your treatment, which can be managed with pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication. If your symptoms continue for longer, or your mouth is still bleeding the next day, contact us to make an emergency appointment.

All surgical or invasive procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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What are dental implants?

What does teeth removal cost?

The cost of this treatment depends on how many teeth you're having extracted, what type of teeth they are and what type of sedation you choose.

We can give you a complete breakdown of costs after we've examined your teeth. We can also discuss health funds and payment plans to help you manage the cost of your treatment.

Costs for Tooth Extractions in Brisbane

Item number Procedure Cost From
311 Removal of a tooth or part (s) $180
314 Sectional removal of a tooth or part (s) thereof $200
323 Surgical removal of a tooth/fragment requiring removal of bone $285
324 Surgical removal of tooth requiring removal of bone and tooth division $355

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