Before investing thousands of dollars in getting dental implants in Brisbane, most patients want to know that they are getting the best value for money. A lot of patients get trapped into advertisements for cheap dental implants. We hope you find the guide below useful.

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Average tooth implant costs in Australia

Dental implants cost around $4,500 - $7,500 per tooth implant start to finish. At Swish Dental we keep your costs towards the lower end whilst using the highest quality problems. At your dental consultation the implant dentist will advise you on the total dental implant procedure cost start to finish.

How many tooth implants do you need?

Generally as a rule of thumb, 1 tooth implant can be used to restore 1-2 teeth, 2 implants can replace 4 teeth, and 4 implants can replace a whole arch (i.e. all your upper or lower teeth)

What about cheap Tooth Implants?

Tooth Implants are very expensive from reputable dental manufacturers. There has been a surge in cheap tooth implants abroad and in Australia. At Swish Dental we stick to the reputable brands to ensure patients get the highest quality dental treatment. We recommend not compromising on quality especially when you investing thousands into your smile.

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