Wisdom tooth pain is often caused by bacteria infecting the tooth resulting in tooth decay, nerve infection or gum infection. Often in youngsters the gum is affected which requires cleaning to remove infection, food debris and the harmful bacteria.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

The first stage of fixing any wisdom tooth problems is to have a consultation to assess what the problem is and what caused it. This way we can provide prevention advice to help avoid the problem in the future and treat the problem to get you out of pain.

Do wisdom teeth always hurt?

No. As long as your dentist give your the right advice they can be well looked after unless their position is very unfavourable. In cases like this they will have to be removed as they most likely will cause problems with the tooth in front.

Do I need my wisdom teeth out?

Have a consultation to get your wisdom teeth assessed to get the right advice on whether the wisdom teeth need to be removed or not. In most cases they do not but it is important to have the area assessed.

Can I protect my wisdom teeth?

If the teeth are not decayed and have deep grooved we can put a filling material into the deep grooves so bacteria do not get into the grooves and cause tooth decay. It also makes cleaning the wisdom teeth a lot easier.

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