At Swish Dental we use the latest technology to rebuild any worn areas of your teeth. Once teeth are worn down the damage is irreversible. When we see worn areas we recommend protecting them with tooth coloured filling material to prevent further wear to the natural teeth.

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Why rebuild worn areas?

Our dentists highly recommend rebuilding worn areas to prevent further damage to the teeth which can expose the nerves in the teeth and cause sensitivity. It is best to rebuild the areas and wear the filling material down rather than the natural teeth.

Whats involved?

Depending on how much tooth is worn down you may need to have a bit of local anaesthetic. In 95% of cases you do not as we catch the problem early. Tooth coloured filling material is then placed on the worn areas and shaped.

How long will they last?

It all depends how hard you are brushing and the strength of your teeth. In most cases they should last at least a few years but sometimes they can come off quicker from hard brushing forces or from the material not bonding to the teeth due to the tooths individual properties. If the fillings come off we try placing another material.

After worn teeth neck treatmentBefore worn teeth neck treatment

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